Monday, 6 August 2018

Harry Burr smashes it at the Korda Carp Academy

Team Browns junior carp consultant Harry Burr has returned from a great couple of days at the Korda Carp Academy at Todber Manor Fishery. He writes, " I fished with Pete Castle ,who taught me a lot .
I had 29 fish altogether, 15 cats to 36lb 4oz (a new pb) and 14 carp to 23 lb.
Bait was Cell bottom baits, with a fluorocarbon hooklink, feeding a few pouch fulls of Cell boilies after every fish.
Massive shout out to everyone at Korda Developments for a brilliant few days ."

Monday, 2 October 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Introducing New Junior Consultant - Harry Burr

Hi All, and welcome to the new look blog. We thought it was necessary to have a young persons outlook on the carp scene and very quickly saw that Harry was someone who fit the bill. Here's the story of his most recent catch.

 "I arrived at the lake about 5 o'clock on a Sunday and picked a swim with an over hanging bush straight out in front of me and some reeds to the left .
  My right hand rod went tight to the bush with a Mainline Cell Dumbell Hooker topped with a bit of fake corn on a hair rig with a Nash fang x size 7 hook and on the other rod I had a yellow 15 mm pop up on a hair rig.
  I scattered about 30 coconut creme and candy nut crush Nash boilies on each spot . Then at about 9 o clock the right hand rod screamed off after a good fight I got a nice little common .
 In the morning I decided to move my stuff round into the main part of the lake as I didn't see any more signs of fish in the morning .
 When I got there I leaded about and found a nice clear spot and put about 20 spod fulls of sweetcorn, chopped boilies and ground bait on that spot which was about 70 yards and I put my rods on that . It was about 8 'o clock in the morning and the rod burst into life and after a hectic fight with the fish trying to snag me multiple times I had it in the net, a 22lb 5oz common ."

Nice one, Harry